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Image via Amy's Mochi

Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi (Seattle)

Update: unfortunately, Amy decided to end the Kickstarter early due to insufficient funding, but hopefully she’ll try again! I really want to eat these mochi…

Look at these luscious hand-made mochi! I found this Kickstarter via Have You Nerd? and, readers, I need this in my life. Amy’s Mochi is fundraising to cover the costs of starting up in Seattle – kitchen equipment, website, marketing, research and development – with the intent to sell them at weekly events (farmers’ markets) and/or pop-up shops.

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Bainbridge Organic Distillers

After an ad in The Stranger peaked our interest for Bainbridge Organic Distillers, we finally had a chance to visit the distillery on Bainbridge Island a couple weeks ago. Up until my visit, I don’t think I had ever had vodka or gin straight and enjoyed it. “Common knowledge” holds that gin is gross on its own, and as a friend put it, “doesn’t vodka taste like burn-y water?” (For more on good gin and how to enjoy it, check out “Banish the Tonic: Why to Drink Straight Gin.”)

Bainbridge Organic Distillers | I'll Make It Myself! 6

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Posts from the Road: Three Ohio Winter Ales

My family was super excited to see New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins, CO) has finally made it all the way out to Cincinnati. Conversely, I’ve actually been really excited about the Cincinnati (and Ohio!) beer Renaissance, so I tried three very different local winter ales while in town this year.

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The Import Store, Preserved

During Dragon Fest, I headed over to the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. Although I had initially gone to see the art exhibitions, I also discovered that the museum includes the storefront of the former Yick Fung Co. grocery, preserved as it was when it closed in 2008. The store was run by James “Uncle Jimmy” Mar (1914-2012), who donated the building that now houses the third incarnation of the Wing Luke Museum.

Yick Fung Co., Wing Luke Museum @ I'll Make It Myself

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Baudrillard and the Food Truck: Dragon Fest 2013

One of the aspects I hadn’t anticipated as much regarding my culture shock expectations was adjusting to Americanized- and fusion Japanese food, especially for foods that I encountered for the first time in Japan. This isn’t to say that American-Japanese food isn’t delicious–quite the contrary–but it can be a bit alarming at times to see sushi rolls cooked tempura-style (why?) or cilantro in your temaki (YES). If nothing else, it serves as a reminder of my relative inexperience with the Japanese home cooking when I left to study abroad in university and the problematic nature of the idea of a food’s authenticity.

Dragon Fest is an annual celebration of pan-Asian cultures held in Seattle’s International District.

Dragon Fest @ I'll Make It Myself!

There’s taiko performances, dragon dances, and, of course, food:

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Kitchen Library 2013.06.11: Welcome to Seattle!

During my first week here, my friends took me out to some of their favorite brewpubs (and some new ones) and for once in my life, I’m grateful for the jet lag, since it’s the perfect “excuse” to drink all the coffee. Came to the right city for that!

Six Arms/McMenamins

I missed you, cheese! I missed you, sandwiches!
McMenamins - Six Arms Smoked Mozzarella Sandwich @ I'll Make It Myself!


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Malga Gelato

Malga Gelato (マルガジェラート)
Locations (3): Noto-cho, Nonoichi, Kanazawa

Kanazawa storefront

Kanazawa storefront

Now that summer’s on its way to Ishikawa, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to get ice cream (gelato and soft serve) in Ishikawa.

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What I Ate in Nagano, Day 3: Matsumoto, Miasa (長野の名産を食べる旅の第三日:松本・美麻)

What I Ate in Nagano, Day 1: On the Road to Yudanaka Onsen (長野の名産を食べる旅:第一日)

What I Ate in Nagano, Day 2: Yamanouchi (長野の名産を食べる旅の第二日:山の上)

On our last day in Nagano, we went to see Matsumoto Castle and drove through Hakuba and Miasa on the way back to Kanazawa.


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What I Ate in Nagano, Day 1: On the Road to Yudanaka Onsen (長野の名産を食べる旅:第一日)

Craft beer wasn’t the only delicious thing I had on my trip to Nagano. Let’s recap!

今回日本語でも書いてみようと思って、日本語で読む興味がある方がいらっしゃいますか?スノーモンキービアライブのんために長野へのROAD TRIP、行こう!

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What I Ate: Chicago

I haven’t had a fever in so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears. While I’m holed up on the couch with obscene amounts of tea and a Sherlock marathon, I thought you all might like to see a handful of food photos of my recent trip to Chicago, where I attended the wedding of my husband’s creative partner in crime.

Just a note: these photos are of some of the places we ate prior to the wedding. Unfortunately, I was apparently too busy eating and hanging out with people to get any shots of the food at the wedding itself. (Perhaps someone will kindly lend me some….) It was so much fun: unique venue, amazing local food, great atmosphere, but the best part was the people. The couple’s friends are a group of absolutely brilliant minds–both in terms of degrees conferred as well as sheer abundance of creativity, wit, and geekery. I’m so happy that you’ve become my friends, too!

The wedding venue


In addition to the great food and drinks at the reception, the ceremony was beautiful. The couple and officiant took time to address the fight for marriage equality*; wedding-gift donations were given to a number of worthy charities, including The Trevor Project.

Speaking of which!: this week in the US, a record number of openly LGBT candidates were elected to our national and state governments, and four states–four!–with homogamous marriage issues on the ballot came out in favor of marriage equality.


Onto the food!

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