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Yamada-ya Momiji Manjû, Miyajima

In addition to Iwakuni and Hiroshima proper, I also went to Miyajima on Golden Week, where I decided to try as many flavors of momiji manjû (紅葉饅頭) as I could carry home. Hiroshima area is famous for its beautiful fall foliage, specifically the maple trees; these famous manjû are shaped like momiji, maple leaves.

Miyajima: Land of Manjû

I patronized two shops in the main shopping area of Miyajima: Yamada-ya and Miyatoyo.

Yamada-ya was established in 1932, and the main store is still in the original building nestled in Miyajima’s quaint-but-touristy food district. From Yamada-ya (やまだ屋), I picked out three flavors: beni-imo (purple sweet potato), aka-tôgarashi (chili pepper), and lemon.

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Jerk Kitchen, Hiroshima

I am woefully behind on my food tourism posts about my Golden Week trip to Hiroshima and Iwakuni. When I travel, I try not only to eat the local specialties but also to try the kind of cuisine I can’t find in rural Hokuriku. I spotted the Jerk Kitchen from the window of the Hiroden (広電, the Hiroshima railcar) and decided to head back there for dinner later. The restaurant is conveniently located between the Dobashi (土橋) and Koamichô (小網町) stops  and was an easy walk from J-Hoppers Hiroshima Trad Hostel.

The Jamaican Special

Jerk Kitchen is a cozy little restaurant; probably a former izakaya, judging by the counter at the bar and three raised tables. The menu comes in in Japanese and has explanation about ackee (アキー), Blighia sapida, a West African member of the soapberry family used in Jamaican cooking.

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