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Guest Post: Krispy Kreme HARU! Doughnuts Taste Test

Image courtesy of Alice.

Image courtesy of Alice.

The hardest part of researching and blogging about Japanese food trends from the US is not being able to eat them! Today we have a guest post about Krispy Kreme’s HARU! Doughnuts by Alice of Super Happy Awesome. You may have seen her posts on seasonal foods, especially Starbucks’, linked on the social media for I’ll Make It Myself! (see side bar). All images are by Alice.

By the way, if you ever have a tip about interesting seasonal food or observe new food trends or food localization in Japan, especially if it’s related to imported holidays like Halloween or national cultural events like sakura, leave me a comment on contact me on social media!

Spring has sprung in Tokyo! The cherry blossoms have just burst forth and brought with them waves of celebration, frivolity, and carefully branded marketing opportunities. Every company with something tasty to sell has stuck a cherry blossom on or in their product. American companies in Japan are no exception, and have embraced this trend full throttle. Continue reading

Food Report: Sakura Season 2014, Part 2

Part 1 here.

At the risk of being all doughnuts all the time lately: While Mister Donut may not be bringing back the sakura donut for 2014, Krispy Kreme is! (But only until March 31, so  you’ll have to hurry!)

Image via Krispy Kreme.

Image via Krispy Kreme.

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Image via Amy's Mochi

Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi (Seattle)

Update: unfortunately, Amy decided to end the Kickstarter early due to insufficient funding, but hopefully she’ll try again! I really want to eat these mochi…

Look at these luscious hand-made mochi! I found this Kickstarter via Have You Nerd? and, readers, I need this in my life. Amy’s Mochi is fundraising to cover the costs of starting up in Seattle – kitchen equipment, website, marketing, research and development – with the intent to sell them at weekly events (farmers’ markets) and/or pop-up shops.

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Food Report: Sakura Season 2014

Part 2

First, I’m very jealous of you all in Japan enjoying or about to enjoy the sakura food! I like to follow food trends, so, for posterity, here are some foods from cherry-blossom season 2014. Most of these are from international brands and chains that localize their products for Japan.

Delicious yae-zakura (八重桜) Photo: マリマリ on Wikipedia.

Delicious (too) fresh yae-zakura (八重桜) Photo: マリマリ on Wikipedia.

Just a heads up: I’m not sponsored or compensated by any of these brands (or any brands at all), so if you’re reading my review of a product, it’s either my opinion or FOR SCIENCE.

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Image from Kit Kat.

Halloween Kit Kats 2013: Where’s the Pumpkin?

In a country full of pumpkin-spice everything, I found special Halloween Kit Kats in Seattle, and they were somehow not pumpkin flavored. The American Halloween Kit Kats this year are orange-colored white chocolate abominations, as they apparently are every year.

US Kit Kat Halloween 2013

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Cookpad Launches English Site (クックパッドの新しい英語でのレシピ)

Via Just Hungry.

Cookpad Englsih

For those cooking in Japan, you may be interested to know that Cookpad, Japan’s most popular recipe site, is now being translated into English. I’m always a little skeptical of English-language guides to cooking in Japan, mainly because there are rarely ingredient translations and sometimes the measurements are in imperial instead of metric, so I decided to poke around. And just so Searchina doesn’t get any funny ideas about my omg wacky American blog, I’m going to do this bilingual style.


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Localizing Big Boy

Big Boy, Chiba City @ I'll Make It Myself!

Big Boy, Chiba City

One universal aspect of the expat experience is talking about what food you miss. When I first arrived in Ishikawa, all I wanted was a hamburger, as cliche as that sounds. I know the theme of this blog is “I’ll make it myself!”, but I started making an effort to eat less red meat went I left for uni, and so I rarely cook/ed beef at home, and this was before I figured out how to make veggie burgers and buns at home. And so I dreamed of hamburgers at Zingerman’s and Blue Tractor.

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