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Uranus Planet Power, Make Up! (Sailor Moon Cake)

The 2014 Fandom Birthday Cake Season kicks off with a little something from Sailor Moon:

Sailor Uranus Cake | I'll Make It Myself! 2

This is the first of two requests I’ve gotten for Sailor Moon cakes this year, and because my friend is a member of the Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Appreciation Club (as am I) I decided to do a cake version of her “lip rod” transformation wand.

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The Rosette of Versailles: Apple Custard Tart with Walnut Crust

Rosette of Versailles Tart | I'll Make It Myself! 9

I offered to bring tarts to a dear friend’s family Thanksgiving and found this recipe as I was considering my repertoire. Also, geeky-dessert talk: I’m a huge fan of Ikeda Riyoko’s The Rose of Versailles (Beru Bara) fan*, so how could I pass up the tarte bouquet de roses?

Rosette of Versailles Tart | I'll Make It Myself! 10

This tart looks and tastes elegant: the freshness of the (mostly) uncooked apples with the creamy maple custard and soft walnut crust creates a great combination of flavors and textures. In Alain Passard’s version, he cuts the apples with a machine into long strips, but those of us without mandolins can (carefully) slice the apples into paper-thin, translucent pieces.

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Avocado Cookies on Featured on HuffPo and Blisstree!

My avocado cookie recipe was featured on The Huffington Post‘s “5 Christmas Cookies for Every Diet” as well as Blisstree‘s “10 Christmas Cookie Recipes Featuring Superfoods.”

Screenshot from the HuffPo article.

Screenshot from the HuffPo article.

A couple notes:

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Sharkiversary Cake | I'll Make It Myself

More Than Sharks Love Blood

My kitchen wares have finally arrived!–and now we are unearthing ourselves from the boxes, discovering all the duplicates of measuring cups, the clothes that got left behind when I moved to Japan in 2009, and all that junk that normal adults have already sorted, sold, and donated.

Sharkiversary Cake | I'll Make It Myself

This weekend is our wedding anniversary, so I decided to celebrate it and our successful move by making a cake. Living with a fellow nerd means the possibilities are endless for fandom references, and we’re an irreverent pair when it comes to romance.* Between Sharknado and Shark Week airing around the time we repatriated–Americans sure love them some sharks– I decided to play with that concept and reference one of our favorite lines from everyone’s favorite amoral power couple in (US) House of Cards:

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Mameshiba Cupcakes

ね、知っている?(Hey, did you know?)

These cupcakes may be the simplest of the geeky/nerdy (it varies…) birthday cakes I made this spring.

Mameshiba Cupcakes @I'll Make It Myself


My husband loves Mameshiba, which is… well, as the song goes, they aren’t quite beans and they aren’t quite dogs; and everyday they bring you a bit of trivia–

You know what? This is like trying to explain Doctor Who to someone who’s never seen it. Just check out the videos (in Japanese with English subtitles) on the Mameshiba site. Problem solved.*
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Sakura Matcha Muffins

One hell of a storm blew through Saturday night and Sunday, ruining the weekend for hanami. Luckily, we’d had decent weather all week, including Friday night, when I went to Rojô Park in Komatsu for nighttime cherry-blossom viewing.

Of course, hanami wouldn’t be hanami without food and drink, and what better to bring than two Japanese classics together in a super portable form?

Sakura Matcha Muffins @I'll Make It Myself

I especially like that this recipe uses the leftover sakura flowers from the Sakura “Latte.” No waste and more sakura flavor.

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The Triskelion Cake
(MTV’s Teen Wolf)

Remember how I needed a fix?

Source: ohshutupmrshudson. The truly remarkable part is that I found this gif by accident.

Source: ohshutupmrshudson. The truly remarkable part is that I found this gif by accident. What are the odds?

This was a really, really good fix.

Triskelion/Teen Wolf Cake @ I'll Make It Myself


This cake is a gift!

(Spoiler-free!) I am new to Teen Wolf and its fandom, so,  having only seen a couple episodes for reference before I started, I lacked a mind palace1 full of semi-obscure references to incorporate. Thank goodness for my friend who suggested the triskelion design, especially since I’m much better at cutting/building cakes than decorating them in the traditional sense. (I plan to invest in lessons at some point so you don’t have to suffer through too many more of my awkward frosting attempts.) The triskelion is a Celtic symbol of three interlocking spirals; in Teen Wolf, it first shows up in Season 1 as a tattoo on Derek Hale’s back.

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