Foreign Food in Japan


  • Foreign Buyers’ Club: Excellent service and very quick if you use the Deli/Learning Center. Most foods have options for single or bulk orders.
  • Flying Pig: A branch of CostCo; does not require a CostCo card. Also does Personal Imports for a fee.
  • The Meat Guy: Mainly meats (including kangaroo, lamb, and duck) and cheese; sells Thanksgiving dinner sets.
  • Yoyo Market: Specializes in Costco and Ikea goods; personal shopping; and flat-rate shipping.

Ishikawa Brick & Mortar Stores

Yamaya, throughout Ishikawa (ヤマヤ)

Yamaya is a chain with multiple locations in Ishikawa.  Each store is a bit different; the Kanazawa location on the 8 is more alcohol-focused, while the Nishi-Kanazawa and Nanao locations have more foods. Specialties:  liquors, wines, beers, snack foods, canned goods, pasta, crackers. Locations: Nanao, Kanazawa LA Park, Kanazawa Station, Nishi-Kanazawa, Nonoichi, Komatsu.

Noppo-kun, Nonoichi, Ishikawa (のっぽくん)

While not technically an import store, Noppo-kun is an organic grocery with a lot of Alishan products, including nut butters, dried fruits, and nuts; also has a great selection of imported organic beauty products. The cafe on the second floor is amazing.  Specialties: organic/sustainable bath and beauty products, dried fruits and nuts, local produce. Click the link for my review and a map.

100-ban Mart, Kanazawa (100番マート)

Conveniently located on the second floor of Kanazawa Station (take the escalator), 100-ban Mart has a good selection of wine, cheese, fresh herbs (cilantro!), local coffee, fruit juices, beer, and grains. Also has a deli section, bento, and sandwiches.

Diamond, Omicho Market, Kanazawa (ダイヤモンド)

In Omicho Market, there are at least three shops called Diamond. You want the one that’s actually like a store instead of a stall in the Ichihime Jinja-guchi section (市姫神社口). The first floor has groceries and bento; the second floor has imported food. Good selection of nuts, cheese, Indian food, spices, flours, honeys, baking supplies, jam, peanut butter, dried fruit, olive oil, and teas.

Daiwa, Kanazawa(大和)

The basement grocery (depachika, デパ地下) of the Daiwa mall has a gourmet supermarket with a great selection of dried fruit, nuts, herbs (cilantro!), dried pasta, jams, flours, canned goods, sweets, and an excellent cheese counter/shop called “Cheese Kingdom” (チーズの王国).

Meitetsu M’Za, Kanazawa(めいてつエムザ)

The basement grocery (depachika, デパ地下) and Kaji Mart of the M’Za mall has a gourmet supermarket and liquor store with a good selection of imported wines, cheeses, baking supplies, candies, chocolate, oils, sauces, teas, spices, and gourmet produce.

Coming in 2015: COSTCO!

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    1. I’ve only reviewed sites I’ve used, but I’ve heard good things about Yoyo. Perhaps after I make an order I’ll include it, too. Thanks for the comment!

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