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A Love Letter to Omicho Market

Submitted to the Japan Blog Matsuri for Sept. 2011, “Reasons to Visit Japan,” hosted by A Modern Girl.

After the noon rush.

I didn’t truly understand the charm of shopping in downtown Kanazawa until I relocated to the city. Before I moved here, Omicho Market* (近江町市場) was usually the first stop on my walking tour of Kanazawa for visiting friends and family and involved mostly gawking at hundred-dollar crabs and trying to find the import store, Diamond, so I could get lentils before heading out to the Higashi Tea District(東茶屋). I never perused the goods for sale because the majority of the stands sell raw ingredients that I couldn’t drag around with me all day. Now that I live here, I’ve actually gotten a chance to explore the market, and it’s much more fun when you have the time (and a nearby refrigerator) to shop.

This crab costs $150. This crab costs $150!

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