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Aggressively Cooking Meat with Science: Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day 2013

It’s that time again~

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Last year, I wrote about how and what food is marketed for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 2012 “taught” us that quiche is girly but can man up; moms want family-friendly brunches; dads want beer, meat, and fire; and bullshit gender politics are alive and well in the world of big-name food-and-recipe magazines. Fire up the grill, grab your rolling pin, and let’s get cooking.

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I Eat the Patriarchy for Brunch

There are few phrases I hate more than “guy food.”

As it’s now mid-June, Father’s Day has come and gone, and, like any proper holiday, we celebrate it with food. However, as a food blogger and perpetual recipe-hunter, I’ve been bombarded with so many blog posts, articles, and recipe suggestions for “guy food,” “guy-friendly food,” and “meals for dad” that I’m starting to wonder if the gender police are about to knock on my door and arrest my husband and me for willful negligence of the hunter-gather roles we so clearly agreed to in our wedding vows. Because all gender roles are totally fixed and set from time immemorial, and culturally-informed personal preferences have nothing to do with food consumption!

Someone didn’t get the memo. Image via imgur. For the meme, see Know Your Meme: “Stock Photo Cliches”

Somewhere along the line, American culture decided that cooking meat over charcoal was the epitome of manly cookery, as it combines the three tenets of heteronormatively masculinizing your home-life: gadgets, the outdoors/the yard, and meat. Continue reading