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Fresh Mango Salsa

A nice bright salsa to end the summer (never mind it’s been over for a month). This recipe is very simple, and I love the way the flavors and textures work together.

Easy Mango Salsa @ I'll Make It Myself

I like to serve this with homemade tortillas (or rice or quinoa), avocados, and roasted kabocha tossed with cumin and cayenne.

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Kitchen Library 2013.06.11: Welcome to Seattle!

During my first week here, my friends took me out to some of their favorite brewpubs (and some new ones) and for once in my life, I’m grateful for the jet lag, since it’s the perfect “excuse” to drink all the coffee. Came to the right city for that!

Six Arms/McMenamins

I missed you, cheese! I missed you, sandwiches!
McMenamins - Six Arms Smoked Mozzarella Sandwich @ I'll Make It Myself!


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My Tribute to Michigan: Cherry Salsa

Some people say that they’ve left their hearts in their hometowns, but with the amount I’ve moved in the last 8 years, I’m starting to feel like Voldemort with his horcruxes. The piece of my heart (or horcrux, or whatever) that represents my time in Michigan is housed firmly in Cherry Republic, Glen Arbor, MI.

The Happiest Place in Michigan

Northern Michigan is orchards and nature as far as the eye can see, and because the orchards had some financial trouble during the 70s, many of them opened wineries to make the fruit into something recession-proof. I found Cherry Republic quite by accident while on a trip to Great Lakes Tea and Spice in Glen Arbor during my honeymoon. Cherry Republic makes anything and everything out of cherries. We were lured into the restaurant/store by the pulled-pork cherry barbecue, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The product is actually more pink, but hey.

My friend who taught me how to make Tex Mex and salsa and I have been discussing regional foods and specialties for a month now, and it made me homesick for one of my favorite Cherry Republic products: cherry salsa. Since I had found a can of tart Michigan cherries at the import store in the fall, I decided to research cherry salsa and make my own to share with my foodie friends. It was a hit at our movie night, and, per my friends’ request, the recipe is below.

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