Taste Test: Baked Kit Kats (焼きキットカット)


I’ve been waiting so long to try these!


Via nestle.jp
Via nestle.jp

I picked up some Baked KitKats at Uwajimaya back in May and brought them to a taco-rice party at our friends’ place this weekend. (Please excuse my cell phone photos…)

I got the pudding (プリン) flavored Kit Kats. I was really surprised how well they had weathered the whole summer sans AC when our other Kit Kats had melted.


Had this amazing conversation:

“But do they NEED to be baked? Like are they raw?”
“No, they’re ‘baked Kit Kats.’ You’re supposed to bake them.”
“But why?”

Why indeed? Short answer: marketing and making money with new product.

Long answer: nothing Japan makes for seasonal/new food products surprises me anymore, and I’m personally compelled to consume regional/seasonal Japanese food products, especially Kit Kats and Starbucks.


We don’t have a moven, so we baked them on parchment paper for 5 minutes at 350ºF, and that worked well.

As for the flavor, it tasted like, well, a baked pudding Kit Kat. The caramelized flavor added an interesting dimension to the candy. I’m curious what would happen to a regular Kit Kat in the oven–would it melt more? Catch on fire?

If you’re looking for more on baked Kit Kats, I wrote about them here when they first came out.


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  1. Alice says:

    Yours turned out much prettier than mine! And I had the same conversation about raw kitkats–we’ve been calling them “nama” lately, haha

    1. Leah says:

      Nama–I like it! I was really paranoid about burning them in the oven, so I heeded your warning!

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