Liebster Questions and Nominations

I received a food-related Liebster of these last year from The JWs Do Japan. This year, my friends over at Comparative Geeks nominated I’ll Make It Myself for another! Sankyu!    The questions they asked are more about my taste in geekdom than food, so if you ever wondered what I do when I’m not contemplating my next…

The Parting of Ways

This year marks my tenth as a semi-nomad, and I have decided to move yet again: back to the US for work, to new and hopefully exciting places. Goodbye, Omicho!

Kitchen Library – What I Read on New Year’s Break

I caught up on a lot of reading over the holidays, so I’m going to do a separate post on what I cooked and ate. In this edition of Kitchen Library: cupcakes in Tokyo, craft brewing designations, a review of one of Kirin’s “low-malt” drinks, cherpumple, and more!

Appreciation: The Liebster

The purpose of a blog roll is to let your followers know which blogs you think are awesome, but reviewing blogs is also a great way to help blogs you love find fans. I’ve never participated in blog awards before, but last week, Janelle of The JWS Do Japan reviewed I’ll Make It Myself! and…