Double Coconut Brownies (Dairy-Free)

This recipe is dairy-free if you are using vegan baker’s chocolate. If you want to glaze or frost it, you can use non-dairy milk for a glaze or my favorite vegan buttercream, but the brownies are rich and moist without it.

やっぱりアメリカ人: Peanut-Butter-Chocolate-Chip Brownies

「アメリカの料理は?」<What about American food?> 「やっぱりピーナッツ・バター!ピーナッツバターが懐かしい。」 <Definitely peanut butter! I miss peanut butter. > 「甘い。。。」<But it’s sweet…> It’s the nature of an expat to be perpetually food-frustrated–if I’m in Japan, I want turkey and fancy cheese; if I’m in America, I want bamboo shoots and yuba. The ultimate American comfort food for me is peanut butter….

Brownie Hero