Homemade Sakura “Latte” (Sakura Steamer)

    Nothing heralds spring like seasonal menu changes! Starbucks’ sakura latte (henceforth not italicized) is much like the pumpkin spice latte in the US: people line up for it and it sells out long before sakura season is over. Or, in Kanazawa and the rest of northern Japan, before it even starts. This year,…

My Tribute to Michigan: Cherry Salsa

Some people say that they’ve left their hearts in their hometowns, but with the amount I’ve moved in the last 8 years, I’m starting to feel like Voldemort with his horcruxes. The piece of my heart (or horcrux, or whatever) that represents my time in Michigan is housed firmly in Cherry Republic, Glen Arbor, MI….