Baked Kit Kats (焼きキットカット)


In case you were wondering what the new 焼きキットカット (baked Kit Kats) were like, I’ve assembled a list of reviews!

Via Kit Kat
Via Kit Kat

Just Hungry (facebook)
The first place I saw the baked Kit Kat’s was Just Hungry‘s facebook page.

Instructions (with English subtitles) on how to bake them!

You need to place them on a cookie sheet so they don’t melt into your toaster oven.

“高級キットカット” を焼いちゃった!? サクサクしっとり「焼きクリームチーズ」 (“This high-class Kit Kat was baked? The Baked  Cream Cheese flavor is crunchy and moist”). Entabe / “Baked Kit Kats Exist in Japan.” Kotaku.

Image: a regular Kit Kat next to a baked Kit Kat
Image by Entabe

Two thumbs up from the Entabe author, who describes the candy as “crunchy and moist.”

“Japanese Baked Kit Kats!” Super Happy Awesome.

They were ever so slightly overdone (and kind of ugly, honestly,) but absolutely delicious–just the right balance of crunchy and melty. I let them cool a bit, but ate them when they were still warm. I may never eat regular Kit Kats again! (Ok, that’s a lie, but these are brilliant.)

焼きキットカット (Baked Kit Kat) (Japan). Kit Kats!

Image: Baking Kit Kats in the toaster oven.
Image by Haikugirl on Kit Kats!

You have to leave them to cool a little as they get very hot, but the flavour is good. The pudding ones are very sweet, and I think I burnt the regular ones a little bit, but overall I was very pleased with them. They’re sort of caramelised on the outside and then still wafery inside – quite unusual!

“Kit Kat pizza!? Japanese pizza and cafe chains get creative with the new bakeable snack!” RocketNews24. 

Image: Kit Kat pizza by pizza chains Strawberry Cones and Napoli no Kama
Via RocketNews24

Not actually an April Fools Day joke.

According to a joint press release by Nestlé JapanCafe CompanyStrawberry Conesand Zensho, original baked Kit Kat menus will be offered at the pizza chains Napoli no Kama and Strawberry Cones as well as the cafe chains WIRED CAFE and Moriva Coffee….

Napoli no Kama started offering from last Friday their Kit Kat and Mango Dolce Pizza, which they’re promoting as a “sweet pizza for adults” at 1,630 yen (US$16) for a medium size pizza. 

Image: baking failures of the baked Kit Kat.
Via Kit Kat.

According to Kit Kat, 97% of respondents of a 4015-person Twitter poll conducted between March 24-29 liked the baked Kit Kats. Here’s a few baking fails!

Someday, baked Kit Kats. Someday.

Did you try Baked Kit Kats? What did you think?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Vyxle says:

    Great round up! Thanks for including me :) I actually finally found the regular chocolate flavor, so I might be doing a follow up post in the next few days, so I’ll be sure to include a link here!

  2. sherdie says:

    I tried them last week! I don’t have a toaster oven so I did them in the grill in the microwave. The wafer was super crunchy and it was really just like eating melted KitKats. The idea is so cool, I guess I was expecting something else? Or maybe not using a toaster oven was a critical mistake (they looked right, though…). They were nice even unbaked, though, and the packet didn’t last long after that!

    1. Leah says:

      Good to know! Although you have to cook the Kit Kats on a cooking sheet in the toaster oven, I wonder if it cooks differently in the oven range because it’s using convection instead of heated coils? I’m also curious as to how the recipe differs, if at all, between the Kit Kats for baking and the regular ones. Thank you for the comment!

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