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2018 Goals and 2017 in Review

My 2017, like that of a lot of other queer individuals, was a year of great personal and professional growth, but was one of the worst political years on record in my adult life.

2017 Goals and 2016 in Review

2016, what the heck even. You were the worst year: everyone died, including a significant number of queer icons and feminists, as well as several individuals who were influential in the oppression of the LGBTQ+ folks during the AIDS crisis; and we elected someone so unqualified and corrupt that, if he and his cabinet picks…

Crying a Thousand Beautiful Tears into my Tofu

On my business trip, I had an overnight in Kyoto, and my coworker and I stopped to get lunch at Kyoto Station before going to our hotel. While I’m partial to the “solid tofu”(katatôfu [堅豆腐]) of the Kaga region, I also love Kyoto’s yuba (ゆば, 湯葉), the “tofu skin” and didn’t want to leave the city without eating…

Feminist Friday: My Cake Carrier is Not an Invitation

Content note: descriptions of street harassment, which include queerphobic and misogynistic comments.

Do you ever have something so utterly bizarre happen to you that even you can’t believe it happen? I don’t mean like watching something in slo-mo, I mean like staring into the gaping maw of some incomprehensible eldritch horror. I mean hearing the opening strains of “Bohemian Rhapsody” as if it were diegetic music.