Foreign Food in Japan

I try to cook local, but I can’t live without organic peanut butter.


  • Foreign Buyers’ Club: Excellent service and very quick if you use the Deli/Learning Center. Most foods have options for single or bulk orders.
  • Flying Pig: A branch of CostCo; does not require a CostCo card. Also does Personal Imports for a fee.



Located in the Sanjo area of Kyoto by Sanjo Station and Sanjo-Keihan Station, Meidi-ya (Meiji-ya) has an amazing selection of imported foods and liquors as well as locally made sweets, deli foods, meats, and produce. Specialties: herbs and spices, wines, cheeses, canned goods (fruit, beans), box mixes (falafel, curry), and cereals.

〒604-8004 京都府京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町78
Open daily 10:00-21:00


Yamaya is a chain with multiple locations in Ishikawa.  Each store is a bit different; the Kanazawa location on the 8 is more alcohol-focused, while the Nishi-Kanazawa and Nanao locations have more foods. Specialties:  liquors, wines, beers, snack foods, canned goods, pasta, crackers. Locations: Nanao, Kanazawa La Park, Kanazawa Station, Nishi-Kanazawa, Nonoichi, Komatsu.

While not technically an import store, Noppo-kun is an organic grocery with a lot of Alishan products, including nut butters, dried fruits, and nuts; also has a great selection of imported organic beauty products. The cafe on the second floor is amazing.  Specialties: organic/sustainable bath and beauty products, dried fruits and nuts, local produce.

TEL. 76-246-0210‎
Open 10:00-19:00. Closed Mondays.

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  1. How about my online supermarket ? We do the biggest selection of Costco Japan goods nationwide, as well as organic foods, and we are the only IKEA food and furniture delivery service in English in Japan. Give us a look!

    1. Leah says:

      I’ve only reviewed sites I’ve used, but I’ve heard good things about Yoyo. Perhaps after I make an order I’ll include it, too. Thanks for the comment!

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