“Seattle Sweeties” Campaign Predictably Compares Women to Food, Detracts from Cause

I desperately wanted to like “Seattle Sweeties,” Cupcake Royale’s line of cupcakes benefiting Runway to Freedom and Mary’s Place, NPOs that work with homeless women and survivors of domestic violence to help. I love cupcakes almost as much as I love overthrowing the patriarchy. Yet the campaign’s language, in trying to empower women, only manages to reduce them to food terms, objects for consumption.

Kitchen Library 2013.12.13

Working on a big recipe write-up of my new party trick while preparing for holiday travel and a new computer (transfer ALL the files?) has me busy, so in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been reading.

Brogurt, “Check-Out Shame,” and Other Tales of Pointlessly Gendered Food

Today’s adventure in  Pointlessly Gendered Products  and the People Who Sell Them is brought to you by the Wall Street Journal via Anne Marie Chaker’s piece “Groceries Become a Guy Thing: As Men Shop More, Packaging Aims to Win Them Over; ‘Inner Abs’ Appeal” (16 Oct. 2013). Can cookies, whole-grain bread and frozen yogurt be manly? Food…

A Bento is Not As Big As the World

(サチーナの翻訳が更新された?!)UPDATE on the Searchina Translation (3/26) This is a companion piece to “‘Deeply Ingrained Advantages’: American Media Discovers Kyûshoku.” At the same time as Japan’s school lunch programs got picked up by the media, there was a burst of articles about Japan’s other distinctive lunch: the bento. Bento and the Cult of Cute In the…

I Did Not Order My Beer with a Side of Sexism

  While I’ve regrettably come to expect national-brand beers to perpetuate the stereotype of beer as a man’s drink and insult women in the process, what about craft beers? Caroline Wallace of  Bitch Beer recently discussed this in her article “How to alienate female beer drinkers in one easy step.” Bitch Beer is a Austin, Texas-based beer blog written by a…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Herbivores

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! My gift to you is an analysis of the Hotel New Hankyu’s Valentine’s Day roll cakes for, I kid you not, herbivore- and carnivore types. I first saw this image on a friend’s facebook page, and tracked it down this article on the Japanese MSN Lifestyle page. In the course of…

Kitchen Library 2012.12.13

Taiwanese food, women and alcohol, colonial Christmas cake, all the cauliflower, and some jam-making updates this week:

Kitchen Library – 9.6.2012

A bit of press to start off this reader: a review of this blog from Tony at What Can I Do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies! Welcome, new readers, and よろしくお願いいたします!

I Eat the Patriarchy for Brunch

There are few phrases I hate more than “guy food.” As it’s now mid-June, Father’s Day has come and gone, and, like any proper holiday, we celebrate it with food. However, as a food blogger and perpetual recipe-hunter, I’ve been bombarded with so many blog posts, articles, and recipe suggestions for “guy food,” “guy-friendly food,”…