Rosemary-Orange Ricotta Muffins

For a fluffier version, see Version 2.0! It’s been a year since I repatriated, and I’m still having trouble with the groceries here. I’ll spare you the spiel so I don’t have to retitle this blog Vague Complaints of a Wandering Food Blogger,* but I’ve noticed that the herbs sold in the supermarket are much larger quantities than…

Storify: MuffinGate 2013

On June 25, 2013, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis led  an epic filibuster trying to stop a bill that would severely restrict women’s access to abortion clinics in the state of Texas.Why is this on my food blog? Because CNN reported on muffins instead. See my favorites from MuffinGate below the cut.

Whole-Wheat Ginger-Squash Muffins with Chocolate Chips

One last(?) squash purée recipe for the season! I live in a country where the only cold cereals available at regular grocery stores (Tokyo Metro, you don’t count) are frosted flakes and cocoa puffs.*  As a result, I’ve learned to make a variety of breakfast foods. I’m actually not sure how I only ended up…

Kitchen Library– 10.29.2012

Thanks to Jessica Goodfellow of Axis of Abraxis and Ashley of Surviving in Japan for featuring my kabocha purée recipe on their sites!

Healthy Comfort Food: Whole-Wheat Strawberry-Orange Muffins

しっとりした (shittori shita): moist (food) It’s been a rough couple of weeks here in Japan, and even though my region is perfectly fine and safe, the mental strain of having to reassure people that we are not being irradiated is starting to wear on us. The latest (actual) issue with the Fukushima plants has been…