Kitchen Library 2013.12.13

Working on a big recipe write-up of my new party trick while preparing for holiday travel and a new computer (transfer ALL the files?) has me busy, so in the meantime, here’s what I’ve been reading.

Brogurt, “Check-Out Shame,” and Other Tales of Pointlessly Gendered Food

Today’s adventure in  Pointlessly Gendered Products  and the People Who Sell Them is brought to you by the Wall Street Journal via Anne Marie Chaker’s piece “Groceries Become a Guy Thing: As Men Shop More, Packaging Aims to Win Them Over; ‘Inner Abs’ Appeal” (16 Oct. 2013). Can cookies, whole-grain bread and frozen yogurt be manly? Food…

Kitchen Library – 8.28.2012

Who wants to go behind the scenes of I’ll Make It Myself? Not everything I do culinarily makes it to the pages of this blog. Some recipes require a special trip to the cheese counter of a department store–seems a bit unfair for my readers in rural Japan, and trust me, I have been there….