Café Dumbo (Veg* Out in Kanazawa Series)


Café Dumbo
Location: Kohrinbo, Kanazawa
Type: Café, lunch
Veg status: vegetarian friendly
Languages: Japanese and English (menus, staff)


Cafe Dumbo @ I'll Make It Myself!

One thing I really miss about the US is omelets. While I like Japanese omurice just fine, there are very few places that serve vegetarian options. Unless you are at a restaurant devoted to omurice, what usually happens is that you order the one option on the menu and you get whatever the house feels like putting in, which is always meat. I once had one in Shiga that was like a clown-car of meats: as I ate, I kept discovering new meats: pork, bacon, minced meat. Perhaps as an American I’ve spoiled by the culture of choice, but I want to know what’s in the house special or what’s on draft before I order.

Luckily for the brunch and omelet enthusiast, there is Cafe Dumbo, one of my favorite cafes here in the city. The darling of the Kanazawa JET community, Dumbo may be the only cafe in town that serves Western-style vegetarian omelets. That’s right– no rice, no secret meat. Of the 6 or so lunches that the cafe serves, 2-3 are vegetarian: the vegetable omelet open-face sandwich, the cheese omelet open-face sandwich, and the grilled cheese (this seems to be Saturdays only). Yes, that’s right: real grilled cheese made on the same delicious crusty bread they use for the other sandwiches. It’s a small sandwich with a big green salad with green-leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs, another rarity in Japan. (Not to be down on Japanized Western food, but if I never see another raw cabbage and shaved carrot salad in my life it will be too soon.)

For the omnivore, the pastrami sandwich and curry or pasta of the day are popular, but the crown jewel is the taco rice, which several of my friends are convinced is the best taco rice in all of Japan (even Okinawa) thanks to the fresh, quality ingredients.

The coffees are served in oversize mugs and are excellent. Dumbo also makes seasonal lattes that are nicer than the ones at coffee chains–the winter cinnamon-roll latte is a particular favorite of mine. There’s also lattes with Baileys, imported beer, and hard ginger ale. I haven’t tried it yet, but Dumbo serves a brunch set in the morning from 9:30-11:30: pancakes and bacon or an omelet. And if I still haven’t sold you on this place yet, the cupcakes and baked goods are amazing, and they always have an interesting variety of flavors and types.

The cafe is run by Miki and Takashi, a married couple. In addition to being very friendly, they both speak English. The menu is also bilingual, though the explanations of the ingredients are generally in Japanese. They are willing to omit ingredients like mushrooms and peppers in the omelets if you ask. Also of note: the cafe is child-friendly and has a changing station in the bathroom. (I rarely see children there, but that might just be the time of day I go.)

The large windows and simple, clean interior are another big sell for me. I hate being cooped up and dislike cafes that are basement-like and dark, so the view of the Seseragi street is a big draw for me. The proximity of the cafe to the shopping district, the art museums, and Kenrokuen also make this a good destination for those heading out for a day on the town.

Finally, the cafe updates its Facebook page regularly in both languages about hours, closings, and new menu items. See below for a link.

I’m not the only fan: you can read more reviews here:
Ishikawa JET Blog (Has details on brunch.)
Married to a JET (Lots of great photos of the inside.)


2-11-6 Kohrinbo, Kanazawa, Ishikawa


By car: No parking available. There are paid lots down the street.

By bus: take any bus from JR Kanazawa Station (JR金沢駅) bound for Kohrinbo (香林坊) and get off at Minamicho (南町) or Kohrinbo. Walk around the mall Kohrinbo 109 to the Seseragi Shopping Street (せせらぎ通) and follow the road for about 5 minutes.

By bicycle: I’ve been able to park in front of the shop, but there is also plenty of bike parking up the street behind Kohrinbo 109.

Updated 4/1/2013 – check Facebook for details

Closed Tuesday
Monday – Sunday: 9:30 – 18:00
(No lunch on Sunday)

Brunch: 9:30 -11:30
Lunch: 11:30-14:00

Take-out available.

Drinks: ~500 yen
Meals: ~900 yen
Desserts: ~300 yen


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  1. Thanks for the link back and for featuring this cafe. I love it to pieces, and the family that owns it is very sweet. Miki is always trying to think of the next new dish or baked good she might add to the menu. She’s been perfecting cinnamon rolls lately, and they are spot on!

    I have seen some mothers with children come in. They have extra high chairs and toys if they need and will go out of their way to be accommodating. With two little ones of their own, they know what parenting is like. I’ve spied them at the shop a time or two. Adorable. :)

    1. Leah says:

      I haven’t had cinnamon rolls in forever! I keep meaning to make them and then don’t. I should try Dumbo’s–they look really good.

      It might be because I don’t have kids, but seeing the high chairs and toys and changing table makes me wonder how child-friendly other restaurants are. I’ve seen high chairs and children in the other veg cafes I frequent, but that was the first changing table.

      Thanks for commenting and for writing about the cafe on your blog! Also, it was great to finally meet you!

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