Japan-Friendly Recipes Master List

Updated 10 Jan. 2016.
While living in Japan, I often got frustrated with the availability of ingredients, recipes that didn’t work in my moven, and other challenges to cooking in a Japanese kitchen. Now that I’ve repatriated, I wanted to have a special place on this blog to share Japan-friendly recipes, both my own and those of others, for foods from all over the world. * = original recipe may contain non-vegetarian elements (dashi, okonomiyaki flour) that can be substituted for vegetarian I’ve written notes about dietary restrictions, ingredients, and measurements (US/metric if it only includes one or the other) if applicable. Itadakimasu!

DIY (Ingredients)



  • “Tofu Avocado Salad,” PBS Food [vegetarian] [vegan] [US] Excellent without the cilantro if you can’t find it or don’t like it.


[vegetarian] [metric] Star anise is usually stocked with the Chinese and Korean spices; it’s called stâ anisu (スターアニス), hakkaku kûikyô (八角茴香), or dai kûikyô (大茴香); I skipped the cilantro; and I used yogurt for the topping.

[vegetarian] [US] Paneer is very simple to make at home. I used the recipe in the Ishikawa JET Cookbook, but if you are vegan or can’t be bothered, fry up some cubed firm tofu (drained) instead.

Appetizers, Dips, Spreads




Okazu and Side Dishes

Vegetarian Entrees


Meat (non-fish)



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