What I Ate in Nagano, Day 2: Yamanouchi (長野の名産を食べる旅の第二日:山の上)

Day 1: On the Road to Yudanaka Onsen (長野の名産を食べる旅:第一日)

On our second day in Nagano, we headed to Yamanouchi to see the snow monkeys at the Jigokudani Monkey Park. We kind of took the long way around, but eventually we got on the right path.


The roads from Yudanaka Onsen to the park are lined with ryokan and sweets shops. This one had a window cat!


Manju Shop @ I'll Make It Myself

Mystery Drinks? ミステリードリンクって。。。

We kept finding vending machines with “mystery drinks” (bottom center) in them. I wonder why?


Mystery Drink in Vending Machine @ I'll Make It Myself

Onsen Eggs 温泉卵

Onsen eggs (onsen tamago) are soft-boiled eggs cooked in the natural hot spring water. We paid 50 yen for each egg and stood around literally sucking eggs. Really good, just hard to eat without a spoon.


Onsen Eggs @ I'll Make It Myself


Local Soba 名産のそば

Stopped by Rausu-an for some soba before heading to the right road to the park.


Rausu-an Soba Appetizers @ I'll Make It Myself



After the meal, you combine the liquid in which the soba noodles were cooked with the tsuyu (dipping sauce) and drink it. It’s called sobayu.


Rausu-an Soba liquid @ I'll Make It Myself



Rausu-an Soba @ I'll Make It Myself

At the Monkey Park 野猿公苑で

This monkey really wanted an apple!

この猿は本当にリンゴが欲しかったです。Jigokudani Monkey Park @ I'll Make It Myself

Onsen Manjû 温泉饅頭

Had some onsen manjû before the beer festival. According to Wikipedia, what makes an onsen manjû different from a regular manjû is that onsen water is used in the batter and the manjû are steamed in steam from the onsen.


Onsen manju @ I'll Make It Myself

Next time: herbal ice cream, exciting taiyaki, and local coffee.


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