Kitchen Library: 5.14.2015

Trying a new, hopefully weekly format:

[Image of a bowl of red cherries]

One thing I read: “Ancient Americans Pounded Vomit-Causing ‘Black Drink’ 6 Times Stronger Than Coffee”

[Image of rhubarb-raspberry crostata and a bottle and glass of raspberry wine from Bainbridge Vineyards]

One thing I made (my recipes): Vegan Rhubarb-Raspberry Crostata (and shot new photos, though this is just from Instagram)

[Image of a roasted chicken with “Fuck the patriarchy” transposed]

One thing I ate: “Fuck the Patriarchy” chicken (a joke about “engagement chicken” that came out of a discussion about mutual dislike of engagement rings)

 One new recipe I tried: pear cream scones. Still a work in progress cobbled together from several recipes.

 One favorite recipe I made: Kitchen Treaty’s “Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Oat Muffins”

 One seasonal thing: the first cherries and peaches of the season at Pike Place Market

Tea, Citizen? [Image of a chawan full of tea with a bowl of fruit]

 Current fandom food project: Ancillary Justice Radchaai food (specifically pastries and tea)

What are you cooking this week?


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