Eat Skate Love Zine

Eat Skate Love Zine Cover
Cover of Eat Skate Love. Art by CrimsonChains: four panels, featuring (separately) Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri Katsuki, Otabek Altin, and Yuri Plisetsky, in formal wear and holding plates of food.

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Zines: The Corners of Their Mouth: A Queer Food Zine / Eat Skate Love: A Yuri on Ice Art and Cookbook Zine
Read: My article in Comestible Issue 7

Eat Skate Love: A Yuri on Ice Art and Cookbook Zine is now available for digital purchase! All proceeds go to the charity Action Against Hunger. 

Extra physical copies will be put up for sale after all the preorders have been sent out.

I have two of my recipes from the blog in this zine, and both are illustrated by Keikishei.

Detail Pear and Almond Cake Illustration by Sheilkuroi
Illustration by  Keikishei. Yuuri is helping Viktor measure out almond flour for the Pear-Almond Cake, and the cloud of almond flour looks like Makkachin. The test reads, “In Japanese, almond flour (ground almonds) is called âmondo pûdoru (アーモンドプーロル). Although âmondo is a loan word from English, pûdoru is from the French poudre, powder. When I worked in Japan, I always laughed at the “almond poodle” in the depachika where I got my baking goods. You can read more about “almond poodle” at Just Hungry:

I’ve written before about what Yuri!! on Ice means to me as a queer person and how the show subverts cisheterocentric ideas about eros and sexuality, but I haven’t really talked the focus on food in the show (other than katsudon). All the show cards for the cuts to commercials feature foods from different countries, especially the countries of origin of the characters and the locations of the skating competitions. Moreover, many of the characters’ relationships are revealed over sharing food: Yurio and his grandfather’s discussion of katsudon and piroshky (Seattle’s Piroshki on 3rd makes a katsu piroshki for some conventions!), Viktor’s solo ramen/drinking night out in Hasetsu and group hot pot adventure in Beijing, and the restaurant scene in Barcelona reveal details about the skaters’ relationships to others. Food–as well as skating–moves the show.

Eat Skate Love is 100 pages of beautifully illustrated recipes from all over the world, including dulce de calabaza, xiao long bao, afritadang baka, flan de queso, and koláče. There’s even a turkey brined in wine! Illustrations are all G-rated, except for the one for Pesche dolci all’ Alchermes (sponge cake peaches) which has a slightly-toned down (or up?) version of the banquet scene.

I can’t wait to try the other recipes, and I hope you enjoy the zine!

The digital version is $12 and is available through

Thank you again to all the mods for making this zine happen!


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