New Zine: The Legend of Big Butter Jesus

A photograph of the cover of Midwestern Transplant Presents The Legend of Big Butter Jesus: a yellow folded zine. Along with the text, the zine cover features a clip-art lightning bolt, a stick of butter, and the hands of the King of Kings Jesus statue reaching up in the air.

Midwestern Transplant Presents: The Legend of Big Butter Jesus is the true story of Ohio’s most iconic statue. Experience the legend of “King of Kings,” better known as “Touchdown Jesus,” “Big Butter Jesus,” or “Drowning Jesus,” as written and lovingly illustrated by a queer Ohioan (me!).

Selection from an open page of the zine. Text: "The statue had several unusual qualities: it portrayed Jesus from the waist up, coming out of the ground. The texture of the sculpture looked like it was carved of butter, and his cross was too small. Combined with the position of his arms, King of Kings earned a variety of nicknames. There are four small illustrations of the status: : Touchdown Jesus: the statue in a SPORTS football jersey with the text "Go long, J!" and a football. Drowning Jesus: with Jesus with no shirt and swim trunks calling for help in water. Buckeye Jesus: Jesus as the H in a group of people doing the "OHIO" arms for Ohio State University. Big Butter Jesus with Jesus melting, labeled "Holy Butter."

This zine was risograph-printed by Paper Press Punch in Seattle, WA. 6 pages of illustrated content; 8 pages total (excluding covers). I created this work for my final project for the Short Run Seattle Comics Class in Spring 2020.

Buy your copy online at the Robin Elan/The Corners of Their Mouth Press Etsy store!


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