New Zine: The Legend of Big Butter Jesus

Midwestern Transplant Presents: The Legend of Big Butter Jesus is the true story of Ohio’s most iconic statue. Experience the legend of “King of Kings,” better known as “Touchdown Jesus,” “Big Butter Jesus,” or “Drowning Jesus,” as written and lovingly illustrated by a queer Ohioan (me!).

Posts from the Road: Three Ohio Winter Ales

My family was super excited to see New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins, CO) has finally made it all the way out to Cincinnati. Conversely, I’ve actually been really excited about the¬†Cincinnati (and Ohio!) beer Renaissance, so¬†I tried three very different local winter ales while in town this year.

Kitchen Library, 2013.08.19

In this much belated edition of Kitchen Library: “fun” with moving, I love Fremont, and retro food links.

Hometown Brews: Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Slight change of pace today as I have just returned to Kanazawa from an ambitious trip to the US. Since food and food culture are never far from my mind, much of my culture shock was culinary: actual vegetarian options! The cereal aisle! The peanut-butter aisle! Food labeled with allergy and dietary restriction information! Take-away…