Free Queer Zine Online Workshop and Optional Exchange

This upcoming free virtual event is brought to you by the Under the Rainbow Storytelling and Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition!

Zines are a radical form of expression. They’re an artistic outlet, a tool for the grassroots activist, a deep-dive into niche interests, a way to connect with community and share stories–and you can make your own using simple materials you’ve got at home.

As long-time readers know, I shifted over from food blogging to analogue zine-writing over the course of 2017-2021. Going (more) analogue has given me space to explore with new formats, plus creating my own art and building a different community. I hate that shifting my spicy lil essays on queer food to effectively behind a paywall (either on Patreon or in physical zines, as well as in other indie publications) makes my work less accessible, but at the end of the day, it means I get way less hate mail and actually get paid for my work, since WordPress ads don’t pay for the cost of the domain name. (And perhaps I’ll change hosts, but that won’t really affect any one reading here.)

Zines have become an important part of my creative life, so I’m excited to announce that my partner and I will be running a free virtual workshop on basic mini-zine-making through Under the Rainbow Storytelling and Edmonds Neighborhood Action Coalition on Sunday, May 21, 1-3 pm Pacific. Registration is required. (You don’t have to be a resident of Edmonds/Greater Seattle to attend.)

Flyer for Queer Zines: Online Workshop and Optional Exchange. A Special Under the Rainbow Event with Elan Robinson and L.M. Zoller. Graphic is hot pink and teal 90s graphic design vibes, with illustrations of Elan and L.M. Elan is a white transmasc person who has a curly mullet and is wearing an open jacket with no shirt. They have a pink pencil behind their ear , a little mustache, and a O-ring necklace. L.M. is a white nonbinary femme with short straight hair and is wearing a skeleton shirt. They are holding a pair of pink scissors.

ZINESTARS ELAN ROBINSON AND L.M. are joining Under the Rainbow to share what they love about zines and zine culture and walk participants through the process of making a simple zine. Taking inspiration from past zine workshop leaders, Daniel and Elijah Martel, they’re also offering an optional zine exchange opportunity: submit your finished mini zine after the workshop and receive many more in the mail later! It’s just like those chain letters you used to get, but better.

ELAN ROBINSON (they/them) is an artist, illustrator, zinester, and fledgeling printmaker. When not drawing they work in nonprofit communications and find joy in storytelling that contributes to change. Their interests include nature (especially PNW plants, intertidal species, and birds), copper-plate etching, cooking, collecting miniatures, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and learning about local history. They are the co-author of such fine zines as The Queer Language of Flowers and The Corners of Their Mouth, as well as solo projects.

L.M. (they/them) is a zinester, writer, and sometimes artist who focuses on queer food, queer history, and Midwestern ephemera. They are the co-author of The Queer Language of Flowers and The Corners of Their Mouth, and the author and artist of Midwestern Transplant Presents Big Butter Jesus and The Jello Salad Mystery. Their work has been published in Queering DieteticsKitchen TableCompound ButterComestible, among others. You can find them online at, and on Instagram at @illmakeitmyself.

Graphics are courtesy of Elan Robinson.


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