Cherry-Blossom Spritz

I made these cookies to send in care packages to some of our friends, including my friend who always requests birthday cake challenges. (This year, it was meant to be this cheesecake adventure.)

Self-Care Oatmeal Chocolate-Chunk Cookies

I understand that food blogs carrying on as scheduled is a source of comfort and normality in these first three days. However, for my first 100 days of activism, this blog is going to be relentlessly queer. Rainbow-laser queer. Queer turned to 11.
[queerness intensifies] First, we start with self care.

Candy-Cap Mushroom (yes) Cookies

C is from the California part of the PNW, and their hometown is famous for candy-cap mushrooms, which are dried edible mushrooms that smell and taste as sweet as candy. (Which I guess could be a hamfisted metaphor of sorts: people don’t think those mushrooms are real, and they don’t think we’re real, either.)

Avocado Almond Cookies

Downtown Kanazawa is experiencing its seemingly annual winter butter shortage. The grocery stores I frequent have signs that read “one package per customer” and explain that the shortage is due to conditions in Tohoku, where much of the nation’s dairy is produced. My friends in other cities report that they’re having no issues finding or…

How to Bake Cookies in the Oven Range and Mini Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies Recipe

Food homesickness is the plague of not just expats but those who move from region to region– for example, Homesick Texan is a food blog about recreating Texan/TexMex cuisine in New York. The way the author writes about food memories and the problems recreating beloved foods when you can’t always find ingredients really resonates with…

Cookie Exchange

Although my friends and I all seem to be pretty adamant about making very specific Thanksgiving dishes, I’m much more flexible about my Christmas meal as long as it’s good. Last year, my friend from Wakayama visited me, and we made a small Christmas dinner at my place: stuffed chicken breast, canned chunky cranberry sauce…