A Message from the Feminist Jar-Openers Association

If you haven’t see the responses from Vice and Fit and Feminist response to the women of Women Against Feminism who don’t need feminism as it would deprive them of the men who open their jars for them, you’re in for a treat.

Feminist Foodie: Vetting Food Blogs

In light of my recent photo contribution to Sociological Images‘ #pointlesslygenderedfood, I’d like to talk about how I navigate food/recipe blogs as a feminist. You’d think this wouldn’t be so hard, and yet I live in a world surrounded (literally) by such gendered products as: When I’m home and looking for recipes to make, I don’t…

Storify: MuffinGate 2013

On June 25, 2013, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis led  an epic filibuster trying to stop a bill that would severely restrict women’s access to abortion clinics in the state of Texas.Why is this on my food blog? Because CNN reported on muffins instead. See my favorites from MuffinGate below the cut.

Searchina Strikes Again: “Observations about Japanese Bento” Translation Butchers Actual Conclusion

日本語での反省はこちらです。 UPDATE (3/26)(日本語でも書いた更新) Oh, Searchina. About a year ago, one of my articles got picked up by their “American blog” series and translated into Japanese. I was particularly annoyed, as I wrote, because the translators assumed I was a male tourist and wrote about how “moved” I was by Japanese food. (I’m not the only…

I Did Not Order My Beer with a Side of Sexism

  While I’ve regrettably come to expect national-brand beers to perpetuate the stereotype of beer as a man’s drink and insult women in the process, what about craft beers? Caroline Wallace of  Bitch Beer recently discussed this in her article “How to alienate female beer drinkers in one easy step.” Bitch Beer is a Austin, Texas-based beer blog written by a…