Cookpad Launches English Site (クックパッドの新しい英語でのレシピ)

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Cookpad Englsih

For those cooking in Japan, you may be interested to know that Cookpad, Japan’s most popular recipe site, is now being translated into English. I’m always a little skeptical of English-language guides to cooking in Japan, mainly because there are rarely ingredient translations and sometimes the measurements are in imperial instead of metric, so I decided to poke around. And just so Searchina doesn’t get any funny ideas about my omg wacky American blog, I’m going to do this bilingual style.



  • The web design is pleasing and easy to navigate.
  • The recipes chosen all have nice photos, many of which illustrate the cooking technique as well as the final product. This is great for new cooks and those less familiar with Japanese-style cooking techniques. (For example, pound cake is not a Japanese food, but no one is born automatically knowing how to make one.)
  • Recipes are linked to the original Japanese ones for reference. Sometimes the ingredients on the English version are detailed enough that you’d know how to pronounce them, but having the original as a cross-reference for kanji and vocabulary is definitely a plus.
  • Are you in a bilingual home? Being able to search and read a recipe in English and show it to your family in Japanese? Priceless.
  • Categories and ingredient tags are quite extensive.


  • ウェブサイトのデザインはよくて、ナビしやすいこと。
  • レシピの添付した画像もいいし、料理方法が見られるように選ばれそうです。日本料理の技術をあまり知らない人にも始めて料理を作りたい人にも役に立ちそうであること。
  • 英語でのレシピは原書の日本語のレシピにリンクが含むこと。もしある材料の日本語での単語か漢字が分からなったら、原書がチェックできて、使いやすいこと。
  • バイリンガルの家族のために役に立つことは、英語で検索して、日本語のバーションを日本語のネィチーブの配偶者、子供等に見せることが楽になること。
  • 料理の材料やカテゴリーが多いこと。
STOP GENDERING FOOD. Via “Pan Fried Ground Meat Cutlet Stuffed in Fried Tofu Skin”


  • The English recipes have links to the original Japanese, but not the other way around.
  • This is nit-picky, but some of the translations are not localized enough. I mean, if they are easy to understand, that’s what counts, but as someone with a background in translation theory, I’m putting on my indignant master’s cap to say no to awkward translations. Instead of say, “Easy! Hard to Tear! How to Make Kinshi Tamago – Shredded Omelette,” something like “Easy Kinshi Tamago (Shredded Omelet) That Won’t Fall Apart” would be a little more natural. People who write with emoticons and hearts and music notes outside of text messages and manga make me a little ragey, too, but that’s because I’m a robot who hates to have fun. ♬
  • The sexism of recipe sites–and cooking magazines, let’s be honest–is translated in full eye-rolling glory. (This is not a criticism of the translators but of the writers–it’s the ’10s! Men can eat vegetables now! GET OVER IT.)


  • 英語のレシピから原書のリンクあるが、翻訳があっても日本語のレシピから翻訳にリンクがないこと。(多分アップデートされるかな。。。)
  • ちょっとくだらないことを大げさに騒ぎ立てるということですが、翻訳した英語のセリフは本当に翻訳されたことであるのが見れる。なんか、日本語で「このこと!そのこと!なんとかかんとか」というパターンが自然なのに、英語でちょっと。。。又は、絵文字等のハートか音符か使うことについて、日本語で可愛さを上げるが、英語でSMSか漫画のセリフみたいでちょっと可愛い子ぶりするという感じになる。。。そういっても、自分が面白くないロボートだから、心もないし、楽しみもないし。。。
  • 日本のレシピウェブサイトでもアメリカのでも男女差別が絶対に問題ですよ。翻訳者のせいではないくて、むしろレシピを書いた人のせいです。2010年代になったよ。野菜やヘルシー料理は女性だけのことで。は。な。い。よ。

All in all, it looks pretty solid, sans the obvious issues I take with recipe sites in general and my opinions on translation. Are you actually using English Cookpad? What do you think?


By the way, readers, have you ever wondered how I vet food blogs as a feminist food blogger? I had a pretty amusing discussion with Rosie and friends at the Make Me a Sammich picnic this month, and I’d be happy to share, thus either elevating me to feminist fame and glory or losing half of my readers to boredom–not to fear of feminism, because really, it’s not like it’s a big secret that I’m into smashing the patriarchy with a rolling pin and then turning the rolling pin back onto the rolling pin stereotype. It will involve gifs.


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