Food Report: Sakura Season 2014, Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 I didn’t mean to turn this blog into a tribute to cake and sakura sweets, and yet here we are with another sakura pop-culture chain-food post. I do have a curried stew recipe in the works, and I swear it’s sugar free. Back to that sakura food for a moment: one…

The Import Store, Preserved

During Dragon Fest, I headed over to the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. Although I had initially gone to see the art exhibitions, I also discovered that the museum includes the storefront of the former Yick Fung Co. grocery, preserved as it was when it closed in 2008. The store was…

Searchina-Gate Update/ サチーナの意味が漏れる翻訳の状態の更新

日本語でも英語でも書きました。日本語が母国語ではないので、文法等を間違たっら、許していただきます。 Can I just get back to writing about fandom cakes again? サチーナの事に対して大変疲れて、ファンの友人のためのケーキについて書きたいです。さあ、始めます。 Searchina has changed the final line of their translation. Good thing I took screenshots for documentation! 今日の夜にサチーナの翻訳が更新されそうで、特に最後の文章を改造してみたそうです。ラッキなことに、記録するようにスクリーンショットを取っておきました。

Kitchen Library – 8.28.2012

Who wants to go behind the scenes of I’ll Make It Myself? Not everything I do culinarily makes it to the pages of this blog. Some recipes require a special trip to the cheese counter of a department store–seems a bit unfair for my readers in rural Japan, and trust me, I have been there….

Appreciation: The Liebster

The purpose of a blog roll is to let your followers know which blogs you think are awesome, but reviewing blogs is also a great way to help blogs you love find fans. I’ve never participated in blog awards before, but last week, Janelle of The JWS Do Japan reviewed I’ll Make It Myself! and…