Food Report: Sakura Season 2014, Part 3


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I didn’t mean to turn this blog into a tribute to cake and sakura sweets, and yet here we are with another sakura pop-culture chain-food post. I do have a curried stew recipe in the works, and I swear it’s sugar free.

Back to that sakura food for a moment: one of my readers alerted me to McDonald’s sakura burger a few posts back, and I’d be remiss not to share this fast-food phenomenon.

Image courtesy of Super Happy Awesome
Image courtesy of Super Happy Awesome

Alice tried the Sakura Teritama Burger, a teriyaki burger with egg on a pink bun with “sakura mayo” and the Sakura Fizz Float and blogged about them over on Super Happy Awesome.

Image via McDonalds Japan
Image via McDonalds Japan

Yep, that’s 0.18% juice.  Uh….

Image via
Image via

I believe I mentioned Kibun’s flavored soy-milk boxes (think of a 200-mL juice box) before in my cake-baking posts. This year, the company put out a sakura-flavored one starting in Dec., which will be on the shelves until mid-May 2014. In Kanazawa, the conbini didn’t have the full selection of flavors, but the 100-ban Mart in Kanazawa Station had ALL of them. This blogger on Matome Naver reports that it sold out fast at first, and that the flavor is a little salty, just like a salt-“pickled” sakura. The ad copy says there’s also a hint of anko.

Have you tried either these or other sakura food I’ve missed? Leave me a comment!


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