Searchina-Gate Update/ サチーナの意味が漏れる翻訳の状態の更新



Can I just get back to writing about fandom cakes again?


Searchina has changed the final line of their translation. Good thing I took screenshots for documentation!


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Before (3/24) 更新される前(3月24日):

(You can write the original Japanese and my translation here. こちらで原書の翻訳の内容と私の翻訳をご覧ください。又は日本語での反省はこちらです。)

【米国ブログ】日本の弁当に注目「肥満に効果も、作るのが大変」 2013 03 24 日  09 37 20  サーチナ

The final paragraph:


Japanese food is established as healthy food even in America. By eating Japanese bento and school lunches, along with getting [children] interested in food, it seems we can expect children’s obesity levels to decrease.

What I actually wrote is discussed in the links above.



After (3/26): 更新された後で(3月26日):

【米国ブログ】日本の弁当に注目「肥満に効果も、作るのが大変」 2013 03 24 日  09 37 20  サーチナ update 326



Japanese food is established as healthy food even in America. However, the writer points out that there is a culture [a cultural norm] of foodwork as the duty of wives and mothers in Japan. [She also] points out that it’s not necessary for the US to adopt [Japanese/bento culture] to that extent, and that Japanese food should not be taken as an absolute including as a solution to obesity.

Correct! ピンポン!

I’m very surprised, since I’ve heard of other bloggers complaining to Searchina and receiving no response. Thank you for updating the translation, but next time, could you ask first?




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