A Bit of Unagi

While I’m working on some non-food projects about manga, please accept this image of delicious unagi from Yoshinaga Fumi’s manga series Ôoku (vol. 10, p. 25).

Millet Muffins

Check out the rice section in your local supermarket in Japan for other grains, and you’re often find zakkoku (雑穀) / kokumotsu (穀物), mixed grains and beans, which often includes millet. Millet is called awa (粟) or kibi (キビ) and is often sold by itself as uruchikibi (うるちキビ ) or mochi kibi (モチキビ). This muffin recipe from…

Fresh Mango Salsa

A nice bright salsa to end the summer (never mind it’s been over for a month). This recipe is very simple, and I love the way the flavors and textures work together. I like to serve this with homemade tortillas (or rice or quinoa), avocados, and roasted kabocha tossed with cumin and cayenne.

Kitchen Library, 2013.08.19

In this much belated edition of Kitchen Library: “fun” with moving, I love Fremont, and retro food links.

The Import Store, Preserved

During Dragon Fest, I headed over to the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. Although I had initially gone to see the art exhibitions, I also discovered that the museum includes the storefront of the former Yick Fung Co. grocery, preserved as it was when it closed in 2008. The store was…

Baudrillard and the Food Truck: Dragon Fest 2013

One of the aspects I hadn’t anticipated as much regarding my culture shock expectations was adjusting to Americanized- and fusion Japanese food, especially for foods that I encountered for the first time in Japan. This isn’t to say that American-Japanese food isn’t delicious–quite the contrary–but it can be a bit alarming at times to see…

Localizing Big Boy

One universal aspect of the expat experience is talking about what food you miss. When I first arrived in Ishikawa, all I wanted was a hamburger, as cliche as that sounds. I know the theme of this blog is “I’ll make it myself!”, but I started making an effort to eat less red meat went…

Kitchen Library: What I Ate on New Year’s Break, Part 2

Or, “A Study in Failing to Photograph Anything Properly.” Part 1 is here, with considerably better photos. I really shouldn’t have promised this part 2 prior to checking my camera, but since I mentioned it, here’s a run-down and some cell phone photos!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Herbivores

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! My gift to you is an analysis of the Hotel New Hankyu’s Valentine’s Day roll cakes for, I kid you not, herbivore- and carnivore types. I first saw this image on a friend’s facebook page, and tracked it down this article on the Japanese MSN Lifestyle page. In the course of…