A Bit of Unagi


While I’m working on some non-food projects about manga, please accept this image of delicious unagi from Yoshinaga Fumi’s manga series Ôoku (vol. 10, p. 25).

Ooku Vol 10, p. 25

Vol. 1-9 have been translated into English; vol. 10 is Japan-only at this point. If you like your political intrigue, tragic romances, and genderswapped Shogunate with a side of food porn, this is the manga for you!

I’ve written a lot about this manga elsewhere, but I’m considering a post  here just to (better) show off Yoshinaga’s amazing food illustrations. If period pieces and tragedy aren’t for you, check out Yoshinaga’s きのう何食べた?/ What Did You Eat Yesterday?, the story of a lawyer foodie and his boyfriend in Tokyo.


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