The Mushroom Hunt and Vegan Masculinities, or How Not to Report on Food and Gender

Content note: some misogynistic language.

I had such high hopes for the NPR Food article “For These Vegans, Masculinity Means Protecting The Planet” by Neda Ulaby. Finally, I thought, a piece about not only food and masculinities, but one in which the gender binary would be broken down, showing that caring about food politics or, as the title suggests, about the environmental impact of our diets, can be divorced from gender identity and expression all together. And yet, for whatever reason, just like that mess of an article on bento and mothering, which I might add, there has been plenty of research on since the ’90s and that even a quick Internet search will turn up with resources, NPR manages simultaneously to perpetuate gender stereotypes while attempting to reinvent them.

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Double Coconut Brownies | I'll Make It Myself!

Double Coconut Brownies (Dairy-Free)

Darlingsan had a special request for her birthday “cake”: brownies, not heavily frosted, possibly Sailor-Moon themed. I’m really glad, too, because apartments in Seattle don’t have AC, which is a helpful thing to have to dealing with butter-based decorations.

This recipe is dairy-free if you are using vegan baker’s chocolate. If you want to glaze or frost it, you can use non-dairy milk for a glaze or my favorite vegan buttercream, but the brownies are rich and moist without it.

Sailor Moon Brownies | I'll Make It Myself! (1)

To make it the brownies into an homage to the locket, I made a very basic glaze to give the pink color; a little leftover yellow buttercream to make the moon; and halved cherries to stand in for the gems.

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Vegan Rhubarb-Raspberry Crostata

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a stress-free and safe Independence Day! I brought this crostata to a barbecue over in Redmond.

Rhubarb-Raspeberry Crostata_I'll Make It Myself! 2

A few notes:

  • Olive oil: not only is this recipe vegan, but you don’t have to worry about the butter in the crust getting too warm while rolling it out. (Seattle = no AC! It’s great until you try working with buttercream in the summer)
  • One crust, rustic-style: way easier to put together than a normal pie.
  • Rhubarb and raspberries: in-season, delicious, and maybe even better than strawberry-rhubarb!

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Feminist Foodie: Vetting Food Blogs

In light of my recent photo contribution to Sociological Images #pointlesslygenderedfood, I’d like to talk about how I navigate food/recipe blogs as a feminist. You’d think this wouldn’t be so hard, and yet I live in a world surrounded (literally) by such gendered products as:

100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know--but only if you're hetero, amirite

Found this in a used book store. I did not spontaneously combust specifically so I could snark on this ridiculous book later.

But I did flip the table.

And Mr. Darcy has 10,000 a year, Mr Bennet. Ten. Thousand. A. Year.


Skinny Girl Wine: god why

Go home, marketers, you’re drunk. FYI: white wine has 120 cal. per glass.

When I’m home and looking for recipes to make, I don’t want to run into casual sexism or support companies and blogs that promote gendered eating. Here’s how I avoid these blogs.

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Rosemary-Orange Ricotta Muffins

It’s been a year since I repatriated, and I’m still having trouble with the groceries here. I’ll spare you the spiel so I don’t have to retitle this blog Vague Complaints of a Wandering Food Blogger,* but I’ve noticed that the herbs sold in the supermarket are much larger quantities than they were in Japan. I had a lot of fresh rosemary leftover from another recipe and wanted to do something a little different for breakfast, so I checked out this muffin recipe from Kitchen Treaty,  one of my favorite vegetarian blogs.

Because I prefer my muffins sans glaze, I reworked the recipe to have the rosemary on the inside. The orange juice and zest really punch up the flavor of the rosemary and help keep the muffin moist without the glaze.

Rosemary-Orange Ricotta Muffins | I'll Make It Myself! 2

Japan notes: this is a piece of cake if you make your own ricotta (see notes). Muffins are the best for the moven, and you can use silicon muffin cups for maximum ease of baking and eco-friendliness.

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The Gender Binary in Health Magazines (Notes on “Are You Working Hard Enough to Achieve Your Natural Body?”)

I am not a healthy-living blogger, but let me take a side-step from food to health for a moment here: I snapped this shot at Bartell Drugs in May and submitted it to Sociological Images’ #PointlesslyGenderedProducts via Twitter, and now it’s a post!

I wanted to discuss this image a little further here on the blog since I didn’t write text for the post–perils of Twitter.

Content warning: discussion of transphobia, sexism, misogyny.

This is a textbook example (and should be in textbooks) about the gendered way we discussed men’s and women’s health–a conversation that excludes people who are trans-, non-binary, and intersex–and also one that emphasizes sexist beauty standards: weight loss for women and muscle gain for men. While, yes, there are some biological differences between men and women as groups, there’s no reason not to focus on a wider variety of health goals.

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Six Degrees of Collaboration | | I'll Make It Myself!

A Week of Seattle Craft Beers

I didn’t end up going to Seattle Beer Week events because my parents were in town and I wanted to have our schedule semi-open for touristy things, but I did take them to some of my favorite brewpubs that had special beers on tap for Seattle Beer Week or new seasonal beers. Here are a few of my current favorites.

FYI: Seattle is very in love with IPAs at the moment, so this list is a little IPA heavy. When I started this blog, I used to be almost exclusively a stout/porter person but have since developed a Jack-Harkness style appreciation of beer: anything, any style as long as it’s pretty tasty enough.

It was either this or Sherlock and the graduated cylinders, readers. Your call. Source here.

I feel like I’ve made this joke everywhere except on the actual blog. Welp. Source here.

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