Mastering the Art of Cooking in Japan

Reposted courtesy of The Ishikawa JET Blog.

What I wish I had owned when I moved to Japan: a cookbook made for foreigners. Not an English cookbook, not a cookbook about Japanese cooking, even, but a cookbook with metrics, names of ingredients in Japanese, notes on where to find things and how to use one’s Japanese kitchen equipment (oven ranges, fish grillers, two-burner gas stoves).

Thirty foreigners, mostly JETs living in Ishikawa, came together not only to collect the recipes, but to test them, edit them, and make sure every one was the best it could be. The recipes include Japanese, foreign, and fusion food, as well as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free fare. More importantly, most of the recipes are made from ingredients even those in the most rural parts of Japan can find.

Proceeds go to Second Harvest.

Original post: “Master Cooking in Japan with the Ishikawa Kitchen

Are all the new foods you’re finding at the supermarket a bit overwhelming? Have you been wracking your brain trying to convert your favorite chocolate chip recipe to your metric measuring cups? Are you sick of not knowing which flour you need for what kind of cooking?

Cooking in Japan can be a challenge, but now it just got a little bit easier with the Ishikawa Kitchen, an interactive digital cookbook from Ishikawa AJET. This cookbook is the brainchild of former Anamizu CIR Leah Zoller. With the help of a dedicated group of recipe contributors and testers, the penultimate cookbook that every JET should own. Whether you’re new to cooking, or a culinary whiz you will benefit from the wide range of traditional Japanese and homegrown recipes from Ishikawa JETs around the world.

Recipes for people with dietary restrictions have been tagged for easy searching – so whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, or keep gluten-free you can find what recipe will work for you in no time.

For only ¥1000 you can get over your fear of the supermarket and use your kitchen like a pro. All proceeds from the Ishikawa Kitchen will go to Second Harvest charity. If you like the cookbook, make sure to tell your friends!

Buy Now on Paypal or email ishikawaajet[at] for bank transfer (furikomi) information!


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