Posts from the Road: Rosette Tart of Versailles Teaser

I packed very light for my visit to my hometown this December, so I’ll be uploading some quick holiday-food-related shots here this week.

First of all, happy Christmas-birthday to Oscar François de Jarjeyes, the genderqueer heroine of my favorite manga, The Rose of Versailles (“Beru Bara,” or ベルサイユの薔薇). This shot was my second time (of three) making the tart, and the rose motif was the reason I wanted to try the tart in the first place. Recipe forthcoming!

The LINE photo app works as an on-the-go watermark creator.

I’m still working on the recipe as well as getting photo-editing software, which is the fault of traveling around and focusing on the meal I’m making today, but I hope you enjoy the teaser. And we can get into all some of the reasons why Oscar is the best on that post!

Image via The Internet Museum

Joyeux anniversaire! お誕生日おめでとうございます!


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