Beer Is For Everyone: Transphobia Edition


Content warning: brief discussion of transmisogyny. Yes, this is a food blog.

Happy Independence Day! Even as I’m going to a barbecue and going to drink lots of craft beer, I want to talk about something serious. There were several gross transphobic comments left on The Beer Wench’s Instagram Friday in a post about The Beeroness.

They were in regards not to either of them but to someone who does beer pin-ups, and while I find pin-up culture problematic, that is not an excuse to make jokes about or speculate about someone’s gender identity.


#MCM: man crush Monday


Transphobia is never funny.

I’ll say it again. Transphobia: NEVER FUNNY.

This food blog is a queer-friendly blog. I am a queer person with passing privilege, but I will make this blog and my SNS a safe space. No matter what part of the rainbow you’re from, you are welcome at my table, and I ask that you show empathy to those outside of your own identity, especially if you get top billing in our LGBTQQIA alphabet soup, and that you learn about them. I will not stand for any gender bullshit here. I expect my commenters and followers to do the same.

Got problematic comments on Instagram? Here’s how to delete them.


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