Kitchen Library: June 2014


Time for a long-overdue Kitchen Library! This is a roundup of some recipes I loved and some pictures of things I ate. (I’ve been putting articles on Twitter and Facebook lately instead of in [woefully infrequent] Kitchen Library posts.) All of them are vegetarian or vegan!

I'll Make It Myself! 7

This “Lemon Ricotta Strawberry Pie with Poppy Seed Shortbread Crust” from Closet Cooking is delicious, easy, and has a lot of visual impact! All you have to cook is the crust, so it’s nice for summer, and since it’s a shortbread crust, there’s no fussing with rolling out pie crust in the heat. (Vegetarian)

I'll Make It Myself! 5

If you’re bored of basil pesto or don’t have a lot of basil on hand (you only need 1/2 cup), “Asparagus Pesto” from Eat Already! is a great choice for a vegetarian spring dinner, and could be vegan if you skipped or substituted the Parmesan.

Cilantro Salad | I'll Make It Myself! 10

You can’t really see the asparagus in this shot, but this “Cilantro Salad” from 101 Cookbooks has a cilantro and asparagus based and has peanuts, sesame seeds, and soy sauce in it. The shallot oil dressing takes a bit of time to make, but it’s delicious. I’ve been using it as salad dressing and on other savory recipes that call for a drizzle of olive oil. Vegan.

Carrot-Rice Noodle Bowl | I'll Make It Myself! 9

Speaking of vegan, check out Naturally Ella‘s “Carrot Rice Noodle Bowl with Tahini-Sriracha Sauce”! I’d recommend starting with just 1 TBSP of sriracha–I like spicy food (but like to taste my food, too) but 2 was too much for me. If you don’t have a food processor attachment to julienne the carrots (welp), use a vegetable peeler!

I'll Make It Myself! 4

Here’s a quickie shot from my phone for 101 Cookbook‘s “Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe.” I used 4 cups of defrosted black beans leftover from tacos, and added another TBSP of panko. Forming them into patties by using a 1/4 cup measuring cup (two scoops each) helped with shaping them on the griddle.

I'll Make It Myself! 2

Geeking around the kitchen: I made oatmeal with 1 cup of whole milk and 1/2 cup rolled oats, then decorated it like a katamari because I’m an adult and can do things like that.

I'll Make It Myself! 3My friends and I ordered a rainbow of beer at Brouwer’s in Fremont. Mine is the cloudy yellow one on the end–Reverend Hale’s Hallelujah Hopricot cider, a hoppy apricot ale with a yeasty nose and hint of vinegar. (I gave it a 3.5/5).

Lavender Cupcake | I'll Make It Myself!

Finally, Happy Pride! The parade was a lot of fun and Seattle PrideFest was packed afterward! Before the parade started, I went to The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. since last year, they had rainbow cupcakes–something I’ve made before but not in a long time. I got a lavender and chocolate cupcake, since I love lavender and it seemed appropriate. The lavender brightens the chocolate, and the chocolate keeps the lavender from being overly floral.

I meant to write something clever about the cupcake as metaphor for the fluidity of the gender- and sexuality spectra (i.e., the place where I hang out),  but it’s been a long day. Suffice to say that, even though we have so much still to do, I was moved and proud to be at Seattle Pride on the 40th anniversary. Today, this food blog; tomorrow, the world.


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