Crying a Thousand Beautiful Tears into my Tofu

On my business trip, I had an overnight in Kyoto, and my coworker and I stopped to get lunch at Kyoto Station before going to our hotel. While I’m partial to the “solid tofu”(katatôfu [堅豆腐]) of the Kaga region, I also love Kyoto’s yuba (ゆば, 湯葉), the “tofu skin” and didn’t want to leave the city without eating some. We stopped at Kyotofu Fujino (京豆富「不二乃)」, the Kyoto JR Station’s location of Kyotofu Fujino (note the different kanji: 京とうふ藤野) and ordered a set lunch.

And then proceeded to weep into our tofu.

Here’s the autumn seasonal set, which was available in the latter half of October (plus a drink!).

Kyotofu Fujino | I'll Make It Myself! 1
Picture: yuba in dashi with wasabi, yuzu juice, hot tea, raw soymilk


Kyotofu Fujino | I'll Make It Myself! 7
Tofu and wheat gluten skewers (tofu to namafu no dengaku, おとうふと生麩の田楽) in two flavors: sesame with miso glaze, mugwort (yomogi, よもぎ) with yuzu glaze. Chewy on the inside, lightly grilled on the outside.



Kyotofu Fujino | I'll Make It Myself! 3
Miso soup, mushroom and yuba rice bowl (yuba to kinoko ankake don, 湯葉ときのこあんかけ丼), pickles, tempura vegetables with matcha salt, soy bean salad, and yuba sashimi (nama yuba, 生湯葉). The mushroom “soup” on top of the rice is thickened with potato starch. 


Kyotofu Fujino | I'll Make It Myself! 9
Black bean coffee (kuromame kohi, 黒豆珈琲) and matcha mousse (抹茶ムース)

This set cost 2700 yen, plus 500 yen for the juice, and it was worth every last yen. Tofu is an art.

Seasonal menu (with allergy info) here (Japanese). Vegetarian and halal options available.

This location is in the JR Kyoto Station Isetan. Bilingual menu (Japanese/English). Open 11:00-23:00, no holidays.




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