Recommended Food Zines and New Stickers

Food is Queer Sticker

“Food is Queer” sticker

Robin and I designed a new die-cut sticker for my Patreon. Now you’ll be able to purchase the sticker at Fall for Zines! and Geek Girl Con (not available online yet). The sticker is a 2-inch die-cut color sticker featuring a pomegranate and the slogan “Food Is Queer.”

Food Zines at Fall for Zines!

If you enjoyed The Corners of Their Mouth, you may enjoy these food zines, too. Both Papeachu Press and Archive 6 will be at Fall for Zines! in Seattle on Sunday, September 23. (It’s also Bi Visibility Day!)

Image: Sexual Fruit: Toxic Partners cover, which has a photo of a banana, and the “Refusal to Change” section, which has a photo of cherries (and is quoted below)

Meg. “Toxic Partners.” Sexual Fruit Series, Issue 3. Papeachu Press (formerly Outskirt Press).

While this isn’t writing about food, this healthy sex ed series intersperses information with gorgeous color photos of, well, sexual fruit. The “Toxic Partners” is my favorite of the series so far and features discussions about why people stay with toxic partners, go back to them, and how to heal. Other topics include consent, bisexuality, and love.

Refusal to change: …. Repeatedly apologizing for the same thing isn’t doing anyone any good in the relationship; it’s just progress. Toxic partner will often make you feel like they really  mean their apology while pairing that apology with inaction, ultimately because they either didn’t mean it or didn’t listen to how you felt. Apologies shouldn’t be a form of placation in a relationship, and if your partner is remaining stagnant after acknowledging problematic behavior, chances are they’re never going to change.

Image: cover of Dinner Rollz, which is yellow and has an illustration of a thick person in an apron and oven mitt reclining and smiling at a dinner roll they made; “Avocadon’t Tell Me to Smile Toast” recipe and illustration of bread and a frowning avocado.

Rachelle Abellar, ed. “Dinner Rollz: A Cookzine by Chef Rachel.” Archive 6. / Patreon

“Dinner Rollz Zine is here to provide you with delicious nomz that honor your fat body, and journaling activities that can help you discover joy in every bite.” The recipes focus on PNW ingredients cooked simply and deliciously. I’m cooking the “Glorifying O-BEET-Sity Salad” this week, actually.

Image: The cover of Self Care Zine: Food, which has a person in a skirt, tights, and baggy sweater hugging a human-size piece of pepperoni pizza; an illustration of “Comfort Foods” by Jen Fowler, which has foods saying kind things – meatballs saying “We are proud of you,” French fries saying “you look lovely today,” etc.

Rachelle Abellar, ed. “Self Care Zine: Food.” Archive 6.

The essays, stories, information, comics, and recipes in this zine approach self care from a variety of angles. There are sections basic food and equipment staples for cooks on a budget, tips for foods to alleviate period symptoms and to boost your mood, and essays on body-positive intuitive eating and the association of food with memory. The content is as much about doing self care through preparing food as it is having food as part of your self care routine. Plus, there are tips on the bottom of each page, including how to fix salty soup, how to cut Brussels sprouts and herbs, and how to reheat pizza.

See you at Fall for Zines!


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