Cocktail: Femme with a Twist

This cocktail is fancy, colorful, and extra, which are three words I’d use to describe my gender expression as a nonbinary femme.

Nettle and Mint Tea

Spring has arrived in Seattle, and with it, so has the spring produce: fiddleheads, rhubarb, and nettles. Part of the issue with seasonal foods with a short availability is that recipe development can take a couple years if supplies are limited. This year, I got a 1/4 lb. bag of nettles at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market in late April and got to work on a couple dishes, including this nettle and mint tea, for those of you who enjoy a little punch to your herbal tea.

Favorite Pumpkin Beers 2015

Snatch up the last of those pumpkin beers, because it’s time for the annual pumpkin beer list (and some real talk about hate crimes against queer folks and mental health~).

Desert Bluffs (Yakima) Road Trip

“Well, the company picnic in Mission Grove is in full swing. Everyone is exposing their teeth and moving their arms. There are signs posted showing how to move your face and body to indicate maximum fun. There are also snacks.”