Preorder the Eat Skate Love Zine

Hello, readers! I’ve been working on a couple longer projects, one for here and one for another food publication, so don’t worry, recipes and rants about food and gender are coming your way shortly! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve seen the illustrations for my other other project– I’m a contributor to the Eat Skate Love Zine, which you can now preorder!

Image: front and back covers of Eat, Skate, Love, featuring Viktor, Yuuri, Otabek, and Yurio from Yuri!!! on Ice with drinks and desserts; back cover image is the same four characters with their pets drawn in chibi style in drinks and on plates of food.
Text: Eat, Skate, Love. A Yuri!!! on Ice recipe book. 30+ illustrated recipes. 40+ pages of art! Merch bundles with charms, stickers, prints, and a spatula! Preorders January 20 – February 5.

Eat Skate Zine is a Yuri!!! on Ice recipe fan zine with adorably illustrated recipes from around the world. My two recipes, Pear-Almond Cake and Verte Chaud, were illustrated by the lovely sheilkuroi. All proceeds wiill be donated to Action Against Hunger, an international charity that fights hunger and helps countries during times of crisis.

Preorders opened on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 9 am PST, and end on February 5, 2018, at midnight PST. There will be unlimited zines and bundles, which include merch. The link to purchase Eat Skate Love is here.

I’ve written about Yuri!!! on Ice  and its positive depictions of developing a queer sexuality outside of a heteronormative/homonormative context here and here. One thing I haven’t mentioned is how the show handles a couple working on positive person-centered communication about mental health. I’ve never really seen anything like that on TV before, and it’s been really useful for me as the partner of someone with anxiety (who also draws comics about it). This show! :clutches face:

Image: illustration of Viktor and Yuuri from Yuri!!! on Ice cuddling on a couch and drinking Verte Chaud, which is hot cocoa with Chartreuse in it.
Art by Sheilkuroi (keikishei)


Also, our current favorite phrase (from Fake Anime Subs) to say to each other: “My bisexual thoughts reached you!” (link contains massive spoiler)

Image by Fake Anime Subs


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