Verte Chaud (Hot Cocoa with Chartreuse)

[Image of a glass mug of Verte Chaud, a shot of Chartreuse, and a bottle of Chartreuse on a black cloth with grey skulls on it]
Our “summer” rewatch of NBC Hannibal has taken us well into autumn, and I’ve been reading wellntruly’s “How to Properly Scream,” a series of hilarious and spot-on recaps. I encountered this paragraph in the 1.08 rewatch, emphasis mine,


GAHH WHAT IS THIS FIELD & STREAM CENTERFOLD, oh my god warn me next time I almost choked on my Vert Chaud. [Will Graham] is literally stretched out in front of a bed with two buttons undone working on a boat motor surrounded by fluffsome dogs, I just…. *sips drink while cocking an eyebrow* Bryan….

What is “Verte Chaud?” we asked the Internet. It’s hot chocolate and Chartreuse. Yes, that green liqueur. Yes, in hot chocolate. No, you don’t need extra sugar. Yes, this is vegetarian; whose home do you think this is?

While you can use a hot chocolate mix, I’d recommend either making the hot cocoa from scratch (see recipe) or getting a sugar-free/unsweetened mix. Chartreuse is already kind of sweet, and I preferred the version we made without added sugar.

Hannibal fandom: the rare gift that keeps on giving.



Verte Chaud

Serves 2
Time: 10 minutes

2 cups (16 oz/480 mL) soy milk (or unsweetened milk of choice)
1 TBSP + 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 oz Chartreuse
Optional: whipped cream

-2 mugs

1. In a saucepan, heat the milk. Add cocoa powder; while whisking, continue to heat until just before it boils.
2. Add 1 oz of Chartreuse to each mug. Pour in hot cocoa and serve immediately. Add whipped cream if desired.


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