That’s Mr. IPA to You: Making Sense of Responses to “Mouth-Raper IPA”

Warning: I’m going to write the word rape so many times it’s going to not sound like a word anymore. Also, there will be some discussion of beerbro comments and attitudes about rape culture. If you’ve been following my social media, especially twitter, lately, you’ve seen the Rebecca Rose piece “Dude, ‘Mouth Raper’ Is Not…

Brogurt, “Check-Out Shame,” and Other Tales of Pointlessly Gendered Food

Today’s adventure in  Pointlessly Gendered Products  and the People Who Sell Them is brought to you by the Wall Street Journal via Anne Marie Chaker’s piece “Groceries Become a Guy Thing: As Men Shop More, Packaging Aims to Win Them Over; ‘Inner Abs’ Appeal” (16 Oct. 2013). Can cookies, whole-grain bread and frozen yogurt be manly? Food…

Repatriation, So Far

  Craft beer is $5 a pint. A PINT. (Compared to Japan: 900-1000 yen/~$10-11) Pitchers of craft beer. (Excellent.)

I Did Not Order My Beer with a Side of Sexism

  While I’ve regrettably come to expect national-brand beers to perpetuate the stereotype of beer as a man’s drink and insult women in the process, what about craft beers? Caroline Wallace of  Bitch Beer recently discussed this in her article “How to alienate female beer drinkers in one easy step.” Bitch Beer is a Austin, Texas-based beer blog written by a…

Kitchen Library: What I Ate on New Year’s Break, Part 2

Or, “A Study in Failing to Photograph Anything Properly.” Part 1 is here, with considerably better photos. I really shouldn’t have promised this part 2 prior to checking my camera, but since I mentioned it, here’s a run-down and some cell phone photos!

Kitchen Library – What I Read on New Year’s Break

I caught up on a lot of reading over the holidays, so I’m going to do a separate post on what I cooked and ate. In this edition of Kitchen Library: cupcakes in Tokyo, craft brewing designations, a review of one of Kirin’s “low-malt” drinks, cherpumple, and more!

Update: Spiced Persimmon Cake

I finally got some decent photos of the persimmon cake, so I’ve updated the pictures on the recipe page (bonus one below).

Kitchen Library 2012.12.13

Taiwanese food, women and alcohol, colonial Christmas cake, all the cauliflower, and some jam-making updates this week:

Kitchen Library– 10.29.2012

Thanks to Jessica Goodfellow of Axis of Abraxis and Ashley of Surviving in Japan for featuring my kabocha purée recipe on their sites!

This is Your Girl Brain on Beer

While on my coast-to-coast beer-adventure, my friends and I stopped in a brew pub around Buffalo because when is it not time for delicious beers when you have good company? I love brewpubs, but I confess that I’m not skilled at pairing beer with food. The great thing about brew pubs is that they know…

Hometown Brews: Mt. Carmel Brewing Company

Slight change of pace today as I have just returned to Kanazawa from an ambitious trip to the US. Since food and food culture are never far from my mind, much of my culture shock was culinary: actual vegetarian options! The cereal aisle! The peanut-butter aisle! Food labeled with allergy and dietary restriction information! Take-away…