Minoh Brewery and Beer Belly, Osaka

After several trips to the brewpub Beer Belly and to the actual Minoh Brewery, it’s about time I got around to reviewing my absolute favorite beer in Japan: Minoh Beer (箕面ビール), which operates from Minoh, Osaka. Readers of my blog know that I love craft beers, and also that finding a really good dark beer…

Recipes Revisited

What’s nice about making some recipes over and over is that, not only can I make it myself, but I can make it better. I’m updating some of the articles on this blog, so I thought it might be helpful for readers if I noted these changes. Read more for updates on homemade yogurt, chocolate…

Travel Checklist: Local Foods in Hida-Takayama, Part 2

   Submitted to the November 2011 J. Festa “Dining in Japan,” hosted at Japingu. Part 1 is here. To recap– In September, a friend and I traveled to Takayama, about 3 hours from Kanazawa. Located in Gifu near the border of Nagano, the old towns of Hida (飛騨) and Takayama (高山)are a food tourist’s paradise….

My Secret Weapon: Chocolat Brewery Cupcakes

This post appeared in the July 2011 Japan Blog Matsuri “Drinks in Japan,” hosted at NihongoUp. ほろ苦い (horonigai): bittersweet; something that has a strong taste adults favor “Can I lick the bowl?” As Japan gears up for White Day, the day when men who received chocolate for Valentine’s Day prepare to return the favor, the…

Will Translate for Jam

Regional and seasonal food in Japan is Serious Business.™ When I go on trips, I try to make a point of eating the regional specialties. Nagano is famous for a lot of delicious things. I bought the most delicious and cheapest of apples I’ve had in Japan at a stand with a cash box outside Zenkôji in Nagano City–4 for 200 yen! I discovered that Nagano actually has apricots, which are scanty and expensive in my region. I tried the regional Kit Kat flavors: shichimi, “seven-spice,” and apple.