Repatriation, So Far

Pike Brewing Company Veggie Sandwich @ I'll Make It Myself
Pike Brewing Company, Veggie Sandwich


  • Craft beer is $5 a pint. A PINT. (Compared to Japan: 900-1000 yen/~$10-11)
  • Pitchers of craft beer. (Excellent.)

  • Take-away boxes.
  • Drip coffee at a local shop: $1.90 (Japan: 380 – 500 yen/~$5-6)
  • Tipping, especially in unclear situations. (How?)
  • Clearly listed vegetarian options.
  • No shibori. (Did not use to like; now miss.)
  • Dishwashers and garbage disposals.
  • Fridges large enough to store bodies. (Mixed feelings.)
  • Pura vs. No. 1, No. 2 plastics.
  • Free coffee refills. (Very good.)

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