Kitchen Library: June 2014

Time for a long-overdue Kitchen Library! This is a roundup of some recipes I loved and some pictures of things I ate. (I’ve been putting articles on Twitter and Facebook lately instead of in [woefully infrequent] Kitchen Library posts.) All of them are vegetarian or vegan!

Japan-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Hosting two Thanksgivings in Japan taught me to love the holiday and its food again. My friends are amazing cooks, and the sheer sense of community, of getting together to remake a tradition in our own way really made the holiday feel special. Last year, I did a recipe-roundup of our meal. This year, I’d like to…

Kitchen Library, 2013.08.19

In this much belated edition of Kitchen Library: “fun” with moving, I love Fremont, and retro food links.

New Resource: Japan-Friendly Recipes Master List

While living in Japan, I often got frustrated with the availability of ingredients, recipes that didn’t work in my moven, and other challenges to cooking in a Japanese kitchen. Now that I’ve repatriated, I wanted to have a special place on this blog to share Japan-friendly recipes, both my own and those of others, for…

Kitchen Library – 9.24.2012

Welcome, new subscribers! I seem to have jumped from 20 email subscribers to 90 over the last week. I would love it if you commented to tell me how you found this blog and what kind of content most interests you–recipes? restaurant reviews? rants? Thank you for reading!

Kitchen Library – 9.6.2012

A bit of press to start off this reader: a review of this blog from Tony at What Can I Do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies! Welcome, new readers, and よろしくお願いいたします!

Kitchen Library – 8.28.2012

Who wants to go behind the scenes of I’ll Make It Myself? Not everything I do culinarily makes it to the pages of this blog. Some recipes require a special trip to the cheese counter of a department store–seems a bit unfair for my readers in rural Japan, and trust me, I have been there….

Hot Weather, Cool Kitchen: Overnight Oats

There are two import foods I can’t live without: peanut butter and oats. Let’s talk about oats–I’ll get to the peanut butter later. Sometimes I buy Quaker Oats in bulk from online import stores; sometimes I buy Alishan or Alara jumbo organic oats at Diamond in Omicho Market; sometimes I get Nisshoku oatmeal from the…

Made in Japan

バリバリ (baribari): (Japanese onomatopoeia) crunchy, crispy, the sound of tearing, gung-ho. The three of us were sitting at a Vietnamese restaurant in Nagano. Having eaten Vietnamese all of once before moving to Japan, I poked at a noodle dish with my chopsticks. “I think there’s coconut milk in this sauce,” I said. “Coconut milk’s not…