New Resource: Japan-Friendly Recipes Master List


While living in Japan, I often got frustrated with the availability of ingredients, recipes that didn’t work in my moven, and other challenges to cooking in a Japanese kitchen. Now that I’ve repatriated, I wanted to have a special place on this blog to share Japan-friendly recipes, both my own and those of others, for foods from all over the world.

My kitchen in Kanazawa
My kitchen in Kanazawa

I’ve written notes about dietary restrictions, ingredients, and measurements (US/metric if it only includes one or the other) if applicable. This list will be updated periodically–currently I have a lot of recipes from other blogs to add!

You can find this resource and others under RESOURCES at the top of the website. Most of the recipes from this blog also appear in the Adapted for Japan and Japanese Food categories.

Japan-Friendly Recipes Master List



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