New Resource: Food Substitutions for Cooking and Baking in Japan

Throughout my four years in Japan, I had to figure out solutions to issues with ingredient availability and cooking equipment to be able to eat the food I wanted. I’ve just started a new resource with some of my tips for what to substitute and what to make at home. Some of them seem really obvious, but they weren’t to me at the time.


Please note that my target audience is people living outside of Tokyo, which might as well be another planet when it comes to the availability of imported food and non-native ingredients. Tokyo-ites might be able to shop for turkeys, tempeh, and fresh cranberries, but for those of us who were/are living in the countryside and far from Costco, the culinary lives we lead are very different. On the other hand, if rural Ishikawa sees an influx of fresh cilantro, let me know!

And remember: enjoy your local foods, too! You have access to some of the best and most varied miso paste and tofu. Utilize them!

Food Substitutions in Japan


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